femifesto logofemifesto is a grassroots feminist collective that works to end rape culture. We envision transformative communities that cultivate a culture of support, consent and accountability. Our current main project is the creation of a Toolkit for the Canadian Media on Reporting on Sexual Assualt.

otter2femifesto recognizes that rape culture does not happen in a vacuum: to see its end we must work to dismantle all forms of oppression. femifesto draws inspiration from Adrienne Maree Brown, a science fiction writer and artist that speaks of the concept of emergence:

“emergence shows us that adaptation and evolution depend more upon critical connections…the quality of connection between the nodes in the patterns”

Radical biomimicry suggests that nature always creates systems supportive of life. Just as otters hold each other’s hands to get through rough waters, we radically reimagine our communities as interconnected systems of support.

Our Work: Reporting on Sexual Assault: A Toolkit for Canadian Media

In 2013, frosh week “pro-rape” chants at Canadian Universities, the death of Rehtaeh Parsons, and the Supreme Court ruling in the N.S. case (in which a sexual assault complainant fought to participate in the Canadian justice system while wearing her niqab) received heavy coverage by mainstream Canadian media outlets.

femifesto recognized the importance of media in shaping conversations and want to support those who work in it as they navigate covering sexual assault. We created Reporting on Sexual Assault: A Toolkit for Canadian Media to provide members of the press with the resources and knowledge they need to contribute to a public discourse on rape and sexual assault that is supportive of survivors.femifesto will be crowdsourcing this Toolkit for one year. The Toolkit will remain a living document until November 25, 2014, when the final version will be released. The final date for providing feedback will be August 30th, 2014. Due to limited resources at this time we are only able to provide the Toolkit in English. We apologize for the limitations this creates and hope to work on a broader guide, in both official languages, in the future.

Project team

  • Shannon Giannitsopoulou
  • Sasha Elford
  • Anoodth Naushan

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