Critical Conscious Raising

In our pursuit of a socially just world we believe social change emerges from a critical examination of the root causes of suffering and oppression. Paulo Friere’s work on transformative education largely influences PTG’s aim of building resiliency and encouraging critical consciousness around gender based violence, patriarchy and the impact of violence on marginalized bodies. Through educational workshops, training, seminar, arts based education tools, we bring a critical awareness to communities working towards eliminating gender based violence.

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Often the reactions of mainstream society and the questions posed to us are the following: is violence endemic to South Asian communities? Do some religions condone “honour “based killings?

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As a team of social workers, researchers, communication speacialists and barristers with over two decades of frontline experience amongst our team, we see our expertise and experience as an asset to community organization who are working with diverse marginalized individuals and communities.

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