“People committed to human dignity and social justice could never fear entering into the lives of those in whose behalf they believed they were working.” – Stephen Rose (2000)

As a team of social workers, researchers, public relations and barristers with over two decades of frontline experience amongst our team, we see our expertise and experience as an asset to community organization who are working with diverse marginalized individuals and communities.

Our team can support you with:

  • Resource Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Evaluation
  • High Risk/Complex Case Consultation
  • Customized Training
  • Community Engagement
  • Project Management (Design, Development, Coordination)

We have worked closely with the following organizations:

  • Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services “Live Well: Newcomer Youth Health Project”
  • Afghan Women’s Organization: Professional Development “Multi Generational Conflict Resolution”
  • Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children: ReACT Youth Coordinator
  • Muslim AIDS Project: Research & Facilitator
  • Neighbors, Friends and Family, Ontario Women’s Directorate: Trainer and Speaker
  • Ontario Council Servicing Immigrants and Refugees “
  • Ryerson University, Counseling Department: Professional Development
  • University of Toronto, Centre for Women and Trans People: Professional Development