Critical Conscious Raising

“Education is freedom” – Paulo Friere, 1974

In our pursuit of a socially just world we believe social change emerges from a critical examination of the root causes of suffering and oppression. Paulo Friere’s work on transformative education largely influences PTG’s aim of building resiliency and encouraging critical consciousness around gender based violence, patriarchy and the impact of violence on marginalized bodies. Through educational workshops, training, seminar, arts based education tools, we bring a critical awareness to communities working towards eliminating gender based violence.

We are available as speakers and facilitators on subjects ranging from self care, violence against women, community development, anti-oppression, forced marriage, ‘honour’ related violence and healing with the arts. Our innovative ideas, passion for the subject and sense of humour make us an engaging, dynamic and sought-after speaker for diverse audiences. Through the use of media, personal and structural stories, we create presentations that are professional, interactive, educational and uplifting. Pre- and post-event consultations are also available to help ensure that the unique needs of communities are met.

We have presented to and/or provided professional development with:

  • Women’s College Hospital & Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Centre for Student Development and Counselling, Ryerson University
  • Children’s Aid of Society of Peel Region
  • Sick Kids Hospital Toronto
  • Moncton YWCA

Training for Organizations on topics including:

  • Addressing “Honour” Related Violence & Forced Marriage
  • Self Care & Sustainable Organizations
  • Rape Culture & Sexual Assault
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anti-Oppression